Constants & Variables

by [NOVA]

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The first official Full EP from the band in 2 years "Constants & Variables" is an album that will begin a new era in [NOVA] music history.


released March 21, 2015



all rights reserved


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[NOVA] Watsonville, California

[NOVA] is a four member band who will blow your mind.

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Track Name: Revitalise
The book ain't gonna write itself
So you take a drive to the county
Your stepping out line
Stepping outta line
So you walk out to find
This theater
Abandoned so It seems
So you went through the seems to find out what it means
Your walking in
Down the darkest of hallways
Your scared to death
But man it doesn't seem you'd ever forget a place like this
But memory served you right
The memory of that night
Came into your head bright as light
How could you ever forget?
How could you ever forget?

Maybe I should ask a name
Maybe I shouldn't even start
She walks up and asks how you are
God I should've turned back

Those eyes covered with foxes
She was so scared
That you wouldn't even ask her name
Could you even see
Could you even speak
Could you do
What it was you came here to do
She didn't wanna know
Didn't really care
She offered up her hand said
Would you like to dance
You just stood still for moment
Gathering your thoughts
Next to the stage
Next to the stage
Now black
You should've asked
You should've asked a name

Maybe I should ask a name
Maybe I shouldn't even start
She walks up and asks how you are
God I should've turned back
I should've turned back
I should've turned back

The parties over
This place is dead
I offer her a ride
Do you wanna
Take that drive
She looks at me like I'm some sort of crazy
I open up the door
She steps right inside
No other words are said
Till she musters up the strength to say
I don't wanna go home just yet
Track Name: First Reaction on Touch
Everyday is a simple consequence
Even if you don't beleive it
Take the pen and the paper
Write it down
Give 'em reason to read
Give no reason to leave
And she knew
All you did
Was easier in the background
Of her head
Now shes misled
And the distance don't make up so sound
But you gave
All you had
On the first date
With a first glance
A first touch
A last kiss
You would never get back to some how
Your minds this
Is everyone fine?
Can you breath now?
Can you speak?
Can you see now?
It's a different consequence

But your not sleeping
No you're wide awake

When our eyes opened it was like time had frozen
A silent stare into each other's mind
And I could picture what you were thinking
A small cabin on the country side
To be our cherished moment
In love and blind
Like it was never meant to hurt us
But we lied so
Keep in living through
These pages
Set aside these boxes ask yourself if your ready
To settle down
Settle in
Cause you don't have the will to lose
All you have
Even if it's for a moment
A small moment
But it's all in your head
She's dead
Like the flowers
On the grave stone
A pointless reminder
All things fade
And you will fade
You will fade
So keep out of your head
Track Name: Truth In Fiction
First reaction was run don't walk
Closed that door maybe he's better off
In the end its best if you and I just part
Nothings as difficult as it really seems
Your hearts frozen but I know what you mean
There in that cabin in the woods
You let your story take the best of you
With the bottle in you mouth you took the easy way out
How quickly did you forget
Huh Huh huh
How quickly did you forget
My name while staring face first in to that page

I'm not afraid anymore
And that story that you wrote oh so boring
Did I even play a part there
Next to your fantasy girl
I bet you had'em all convinced
That I came and went
Like a storm cloud thunders out
You were always to scared now
Go running to your book
Write down the words
Make sure you understand the perks
Of being this coward that you are
A talent-less flaw
You were never what you seem

Lets set the record straight
We end up in the same place
But no one here's in a fucking grave
Me in a white dress
Do remember the first time we met?

This letter I wrote
Still writing I don't know either or
Still haunting
Like the words of your story all clawing out through your head
Its just a story put it to rest

No one here's coming out alive
No one here's coming out alive
No ones coming out alive here tonight

So you keep your wits held about you
And I'll keep my held high
If you ever doubt me
Man Im coming quicker than
You can shout out the names of people and places in your book
I hope they all served you well
Cause baby doll where you go an't close to hell
So you keep on writing
Let your story fly
Tell all the lies you want inside
But I'll be here in reality
A self-less check
On your self-esteem

Are you ambitious
Do you feel the need to
manipulate senses
Are you pretentious
Is this what you really want
One more line
One last time
Read between
Your lost
Im fine
Track Name: Blending Issues
You were so naive she said
You never sat down with me a minute
We never had a conversation
We never came a conclusion
We were just arguing back and forth
About every little things
Like words inside your book
The friends you have
The life style I took
And neon lights are one thing
Your family's another
I'm so sick of arguing
Yeah your so sick of arguing
It's the 3am Drives
And the missed phone call
That I don't ever want this kinda life
Yeah I don't ever want this kinda life
Mentality that keeps me further from were you are
If your gonna leave then just go
Cause the door is wide open
You might as well close it

The book is far from finished
And your mind is slow and twisted
Like the vines on the gates
That led to the cabins door

You were never much for words
But please just speak to me
Or talk to me
Or say anything
To me

Its an orchestral feeling when the notes played back
Like someone took the song right
From your head
Graced it with words you wished you said
You turn back around, she's been standing
Open up your mouth, say no wrong words
Hands by her side, She can't keep still
The anticipation of his voice fills her with fear

And its that same fear that pushes him to say
It's the constant wavering of my hand against your cheek that make me that think you were never really mine to keep
Never really mine to keep
Constricted out of fibers and the lies lie beneath
I've come to terms with what I made
Just to lay here and waste
As her eyes gaze away
It's an emotional disconnection
She expected some much more
Something heartwarming and profound
But it's nothing more than filler and silent

There's no consequence to your actions
You wrote me off like the simplest of fractions
Let's keep this mathematical
Everything is factual
Expect you and me
But there's a certain point I have to ask
Where would you be
If I hadn't wrote down the words or taken that drive
Man I'm so fucking upset you would never compromise
On any little thing
And now the words that you say
Don't mean a god damn thing
And I can only stop and think
What's the point?
Track Name: Constants & Variables
X's and O's
Sealed with a kiss
Letter on the table
Never even seen
Words meant to give
Some type of clarity
But now only give pathetic charity

Its dishes in the sink
bottles smashed on walls
Its head in your hands
wishing for a restart
Its the cabin in the woods
And the story that she loathed
with words that read
Flowers make death seem so
And Nothing pleased you more
Than a room and a bottle
Maybe you are just like your father

Summer on the coast
Ferris wheels and roller coasters
3am drives
You were out

Now the rooms of the house crumb down
And I'd wish you'd just forget
This man
This kid
This ex
Would it
Help ease the stress
Is it best if you just left
Would it
Clean up the mess?
I'm just upset
I wont forget

Woman on the ledge
That lead me up to the steps
Held our weight now
Thin like ice shifts

Maybe I wont forget
Sitting on the steps
Pumping out the pages
That caused the ice to split
Sending you down along side it

Maybe its the letter I've never read or
The dishes in the sink
That make me think
I'm going crazy
With your image in a white dress
The same one I buried you
The same one I met you in

But this cabins made for rest
So I'll just bow my head
Here at the desk where your presences is best and
Time never once existed
Our stories in fragments
Placed in boxes
To be thrown Away


Maybe I'll take that drive to country side
Maybe I'll take that drive
Maybe I'll take that drive
Maybe I'll spend more time living and less time with these
Call it what you will
A memorial
A memorial
No more
A memorial no more
A fucking memorial no more
Track Name: Obscure
And I've walked the last 3000 miles in the snow
To be where you are now
Don't you ever fucking forget that
And shit I'd take it all back
If had the chance to
Well shit
Did you think
That the ink
Would dry
And the people that you made up were fiction
Addiction its friction
And God well
Did you see
All the sign that led up to
Her leaving
A slow demise on wasted time
She's leaving

Offend by all the things I've said but never mean
I run my mouth off to god damn quickly
Maybe in the end its for the best if she packs and leaves
I've been no good for anyone's heart to stay with me
So I'll read aloud the notes that I've been writing
In hopes they reach her
Well hope here means shit
Stay away

Did you think
That the ink
Would dry
And the people that you made up were fiction
Addiction its friction
And God well
Did you see
All the sign that led up to
Her leaving
A slow demise on wasted time
Realize she's leaving

But the cabnin is empty
And its been haunting me
Like I was terrified of all the things I see but dare not speak
I hear a kncoking at the door
I hear a kncoking at the door

I turn the handle slowy
Its snowing outside
Windows are frosted but the knocing is clear as ice
I open the door

I see you in that white dress
I turn around to leave like it was only but a dream
But distance is deciving

Did you think
That the ink
Would dry
And the people that you made up were fiction
Addiction its friction
And God well
Did you see
All the sign that led up to
Her leaving
A slow demise on wasted time
Realize she's leaving

My feet can hardly move
I'm paralyzed from writing
All the stupid fucked up words about
This cabins obscure feeling
I close the book slowly
I think of what I've written
And in the back an epilogue
That I have yet to finish

And if you keep in mind the time I took to write every line
You'd be amazed with the thought
You'd think oh Christ this man is lost
But I have nothing more
And I give nothing less

So keep in terms of mathematics
I believe this one will

Its not pretty
But god its not finished
And will you stay IN this If I do not LIKE it
And I've been so scared of life
You've been so scared of me
I can't take more if
Snow white dresses and DEATH are always